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The 2 reasons why i continue to believe in true friendship stays gold. To 10 years, and more. And, happy 24th, @yiyangxc! 😉

#golden #bromance #buddies

The 2 reasons why i continue to believe in true friendship stays gold. To 10 years, and more. And, happy 24th, @yiyangxc! 😉

#golden #bromance #buddies

When we realize how little we mean to the universe, we realize how important we are to each other.

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his little paw..awwww..



River otters at the Zoological & Botanical Garden in Ichikawa, Japan

omg the last one he pops up ahjfskghfagskjfkhdjs ahahaha

This is what heaven looks like…

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this isn’t even a problem

This is how I envision hogwarts homework being done

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Jack Johnson - Flake (Kokua Festival 2010)


Seems to me that maybe..

Its that time of the year again. I’m not quite sure but I’ve been thinking about Daddy way more lately. Maybe because it was supposed to be Daddy’s 65th 2 days ago.

I’ve been thinking about how different has my life been in comparison to a year ago. Has it been better? Have I lived better? Yes, and No.

I can never seem to be satisfied, can I? I know that life has been significantly better for me, in almost every aspect, because I’m always thankful for everything that I have and am in life. But then again, at the back of my mind, I constantly want more and more, I want so much more in life.

This year is going to be another significant year for me. Why? Oh, I’m glad you asked lol.

1. Work. Starting in a new firm in the month of Oct. I don’t deny that I’ve been stressing slightly about it. I know that there are expectancies. From the new firm, having known my capabilities and background, the bar seems to be already set.

2. School. I still am counting down to the weeks that I will be done with this. But it still a distance away. I’m still not used to writing papers. To the point where I miss drawing, painting and crafting. I’ve gotten my tubes of paint out and I’ve been painting again. weird stuff, zombies and stuff, but nevertheless, feels good.

3. Fitness. I’m in the huge pit of worry that distance is going to be a problem for me to head to the Box after I start work at my new place :( Praying hard that it will be all smooth sailing.

4. The Duke and I. Posting this just as the Duke shared a piece of good news with me an hour ago. He’s got a job offer, yay! Seems like a pretty decent deal to me, but. obviously they’re aren’t offering him as much as his last drawn. Issues of drawing a high salary. LOL. But still having a good gut feeling everything will turn out even better than expected :)

Well, it will also mark a new chapter, as we’re thinking about moving. Nothing concrete just as yet, but we’ve been talking about the thought of it. Speaking of which, I’ve gotta get used to waking up early again..travelling to my new workplace is going to be a pain in the fricking arse.

In conclusion. All i want this year, is to start knocking back drinks at 11am..preferably by the beach, while watching Jack Johnson in concert. Having a bit of pot here and there would be fantastic. But, thats just a thought. Not that I’m complaining, but all I want to do is get my assignments under my belt and nailed.

off to class!!



Nika Samarina


Nika Samarina

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Sometimes I wonder, if you fall in love with a person because of how much you adore how they are, or, do you have to accept how they are after falling in love with them?

Which is it?

How is it that there are people with the ability to stay together till the end? Am I able to be and find someone like that?

Always thought that people are like puzzle pieces, always searching for the other piece that fits and completes you. But then again, how do you know that its a perfect fit?

If ever so, one day, if the tolerance or acceptance for flaws runs out, then what is gonna happen?

Sigh. Sometimes even I ask myself questions i dont have the answers to. This is the part i hate most, and all i can hope is it makes me a better person.

Everytime i get hammered..

I think the sad, depressive side in me surfaces.

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